Raises Your Odds of Closing Deals & Saves Time.

Fee Finder allows you to create, save and send quotations that make a good first impression for a wide range of services or products...Fast and with ease.

Sloppily-Crafted Quotations Equals Lost Deals

Because it portrays your business as unprofessional, negligent of customers’ needs, and having low-quality standards. 

And yes, we know…

The manual method is tedious and time-consuming… 

Spreadsheet templates? You got to wrap your head around formulas just to make a simple tweak.

But with Fee Finder - you can create, save, and send custom-branded quotations directly from the application with just some “clicks and keystrokes.”

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Easy-to-Customize User Interface

Fee Finder helps you think through costs and tweak quotations to your specific need without stress.

With just “clicks of the mouse” - you can add or delete items and sections. 

Best part? 

When you’re done - you can send the quotation to a prospect’s email right from Fee Finder.


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Why choose Fee Finder?

Easy to Use

Use our drag and drop modular system to easily create and send custom quotations to your clients.

Flexibility & Adaptability

You can customize your quotations as much as you want to meet the specific need of different customers and your industry.



Create as many quotations as you want for the same low monthly price.

Scales With You

New features and functions will be added to Fee Finder so it keeps serving your business as it expands.


Simple, Transparent & Affordable Pricing


$5 month

Month to month subscription

Everything in the Free plan, plus

  • Create unlimited quotations
  • Download custom created quotation
  • Send custom created quotation to your client


$50 year

Save on the monthly subscription by subscribing for the year.

Everything in the Free plan, plus

yearly discount